Monday, 21 June 2010

Paperless Democracy?

The FDP-Abgeordnete Jimmy Schulz may have broken the rules of the Bundestag by using an iPad instead of paper notes to when he made a speech last week. Apparently there is a rule to stop members using computers in parliamentary sessions. Doesn't make a lot of sense nowadays and if something like an iPad can give access to lots of other data it has to be preferable to lugging around heaps of paper files. I picked up the report on an Austrian site and you can read it for yourself Some comments have been added and you might like to add a sentence or two with your opinion.

In case you are wondering why I'm not posting to this blog quite so often, it's because I'm still spending most spare moments decorating the house we are moving to in mid-July. And the garden is still a mess ... but I have made a start! While I was on I had a look at their garden page but they had nothing to help me with the basic tasks that need tackled now.