Friday, 22 January 2010


The theme of this year's Kirchentag, to be held in Munich 12-16 May, is "That you may have hope" Damit ihr Hoffnung habt.  Topic areas include:
  • Acting responsibly-being Christian in one world
  • Living together-being Christian in an open society
  • Seeking and finding--being Christian alongside a variety of worldviews
  • Living our faith-being Christian in a variety of Churches

 Full details on the website of 2. Ökomenische Kirchentag You don't need to be able to speak German to take part but it could be a good opportunity to practice and learn German as you should get to stay with a German family. The organisers are looking for 15,000 beds.
Der 2. Ökumenische Kirchentag sucht ab sofort 15 000 kostenlose Schlafplätze in privaten Haushalten. Benötigt werden die Betten für die Teilnehmenden des 2. ÖKT, vor allem für ältere Gäste, Familien mit Kindern und Menschen mit Behinderung. Gesucht wird im gesamten S-Bahn-Bereich Münchens.
If you happen to live in Worcestershire or Dudley it's still not too late to join a group organised by Worcester Diocese - see details

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