Sunday, 24 January 2010


Very strangely I picked up on some British news from a German blog the other day. I'm following and found a post about Open Government Data. About 3000 datasets are available from I found this quote froDaniel Dietrich of OpenData Network in the post

Die Daten stehen ab sofort in maschinenlesbaren Formaten und unter einer offenen Lizenz der Öffentlichkeit zur freien Verfügung. Damit ist die Seite der derzeit umfangreichste und ambitionierteste “Open Government Data” Katalog weltweit. Ein großer Tag für die Opendata Bewegung!
You'll also find an article about the Guardian launching on the same day a central portal to World Government Data from various governments throughout the world - Guardian eröffnet "zentralen Zugang zu den Verwaltungsdaten der Welt"

I would like to have your comments on the Opendata Movement and on any hopes you have for eDemocracy. If you want to find some German and Austrian data sources their are some useful statistics links on Jeckylls Heft

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