Friday, 4 June 2010


For the last few weeks I've been putting books in boxes and have even let several hundred go to charity shops. I've kept my German books but most are already packed. Not much time for reading - or blogging just now. We've been almost nine years in our current house and it's surprising how much we've collected that we now don't think we'll need. We're going to move in mid-July. The house we are moving was let until earlier this week and now we've got it back we are busy stripping wallpaper and decorating.

I don't know much about moving house in German speaking countries nor the vocabulary I need to talk about it. So I've done the usual and looked online. I found a series of checklist that can be viewed online and printed or else download as PDF files. The link to find these is and as it says at the start of this page:
Einen Umzug zu organisieren ist nicht so einfach. So ein Umzug erfordert nämlich geschick in der Planung und in der Ausführung. Besonders nützlich und deshalb beliebt sind unsere Checklisten, mit denen Sie Umzüge einfach und bequem planen können. Umzug leicht gemacht!
The checklists cover viewing the new home; organising the move; telling banks, insurance, etc. about your new address; notifying the authorities. The same site also offer Umzugtipps.

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  1. Dear Jeckyll,

    even though it's been a while, I hope moving house went smoothly for you.

    I am operating a website on moving in Germany which I find quite helpful, of course. It is called and it also contains a number of Checklists and Umzugstipps. In addition, you can get quotes from moving companies, find a cheap transporter in case you want to take things in your own hands or you can read about the numerous buerocratic obligations that come along with moving, e.g. going to the the registration office of your new town or to the DMV.

    Unfortunately all the info is in German only. But maybe we will add an English section in the future.

    Take care


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