Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Sport auf Deutsch

Here are four topics for discussion under the general heading of sport and exercise:
  • Traditional versus 'fun' sports
  • Reasons for taking part in sport/physical exercise
  • Factors influencing participation
  • Links between physical exercise and health

A useful starting place is the Deutsche Olympische SportBund (DOSB).
Regelmäßige sportliche Aktivität beeinflusst Gesundheit und Wohlbefinden positiv. Der DOSB bietet Fitness für einen gesunden Lebensstil. >>>

And you could visit their Fun und Spiele page for a series of light hearted tests and quizzes including - Und welcher Fitnesstyp sind Sie? - Wissen, wie's läuft. Das Fitness-Quiz - Der Fitness-Test.

For more German fitness vocabulary than you will ever need there's a Fitness-Lexicon von A-Z

There are three main areas on fitness. First there is Older people like me can benefit from . Both have long lists of Sportarten. For young people and sport visit

You might also want to find out what anti-doping measures are being taken.

Viel Spass. Sport macht fit.

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