Friday, 5 March 2010

Spring Flowers

Today I visited the Weir Garden, a National Trust property in Herefordshire, to see the magnificent masses of snowdrops. Some of the primroses were also in bloom. I'm not so hot on flower names in German. I'm not very good in English either - and don't ask me for Latin names.

snowdrop  is das Schneeglöckchen and primrose is die Schüsselblume

What I really need is an illustrated guide to spring flowers and I found just the thing on an Austrian website Österreichs Schulportal für Volkschule. This site has brought together lots of material about and pictures of spring flowers under the heading Frühblüher.

Sobald die Temperaturen wieder steigen, der Schnee von den Wiesen verschwindet, werden wir sie wieder entdecken - die Frühblüher. Wir haben für Sie verschiedene Links und Unterrichtsmaterialen zur farbenfrohen Frühlingspracht zusammengetragen.

This material is aimed at younger children and their teachers - just the right level for oldies like me.  I particularly recommend Heimische Frühblüher which is an illustrated quiz in Powerpoint format and you can click the i button on the slides to get more information about each plant.

I learn something new everyday. Daffodils have several names in German - Gelbe Narzisse, Märzenbecher, Osterglocke

Try wikipedia for a more academic approach to Frühblüher oder Frühjahrsblüher oder Frühlingsgeophyten

I also found a PDF file with German flowernames and their English translations produced by

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