Sunday, 31 January 2010

Plan your dream kitchen

I can find my way around the kitchen fairly well and my roast potatoes today were brilliant (says he modestly). But I was trying to use German to describe some of the things in the kitchen. We have a gas hob - eine Gaskochmulde - with an extractor  in the cupboard above - eine Dunstabzug in Oberschrank. I think I shall continue to practise naming objects in the kitchen over the next few days just to make sure I have them well impressed on the memory. And I'll try to incorporate the words into simple sentences, perhaps being more descriptive - size, shape, colour, postion, relationship to other objects.

You can plan your dream kitchen online and learn German at the same time. Koch Atelier Küchenplanung is a good place to start as it gives you details about lots of different kitchen equipment - Küchengeräte - cupboards - Schränke and plenty of tips and product information. Give it a try and cook up some dream ideas. How would you tell someone in German what your dream kitchen is like and why you chose that particular design?

As you can see from the graphic showing their website navigation,  Koch Atelier offers much more. Why not take a look at Der gedeckte Tisch and decide what you want on your table?

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