Monday, 1 February 2010

Hobbies, DIY, gardens and even jokes

Hobbies - always a favourite topic set for students learning German. Yesterday I wrote about Koch Atelier and that led me on to explore some of the other things available from the same source. So go to if you want some tips on setting  up a workshop, doing some decorating and all manner of things. If you are looking for creative ideas for making decorative objects or working with textiles then perhaps you'll find something useful in For furniture and everything to do with interiors there's Gardens are dealt with in and you'll want to know all about cleaning so try If you don't find that funny then go for

You might also try the online magazine series

Plenty of useful insights into German homes and gardens and hobbies. Wonderful sources for learning German words and phrases to describe everyday objects. Please share your views on this by leaving a comment.

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