Tuesday, 9 February 2010

It's good to chat

A strange day! I started with some household chores, moved on to painting and this evening I have to go to work. This afternoon is the highlight of the week - a German conversation group. We spend about an hour chatting in German about this and that, things we've done in the past week. Then, after a brief break, we move on to a listening exercise, perhaps remind ourselves about some little Grammar point and finish off by reading and translating from a book or short story.

I remember feeling a little uncertain when I first joined this group as some of them had been meeting together for many years and some were quite a bit older than me. We even had someone in his nineties who still wanted to practise German conversation. But the group has been very supportive, we all make mistakes from time to time but that doesn't matter. We talk. We break the sound barrier. If you want to speak German with native speakers it will be much easier if you have learnt to be comfortable with the sound of your own voice among supportive friends.

If you cannot find someone to chat with in German then at least try engaging in some sort of online dialogue. Leave comments on a blog. Learn to express opinions. Chat online with other people trying to learn German. One place you might try this safely is deutsch-lerner.blog.de

Don't forget you can leave comments on any of my posts in German as well as English. And I'll reply.

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